Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 Sacramental Programme

The students who recieved sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation at chapel.

It was an awesome day to be at HPC and I hassled Mr Gribble to blog about it, so here goes...

Friday the school had a double-header activity at school, Sacramental mass in the morning and the Parent-Teacher conference in the afternoon. The morning mass was attended by the bishop, Pat Dunn, and by the whanau of the more than 20 students receiving the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Despite careful planning and repeated rehearsals, there were the last-minute crises, ably dealt with by Mrs Silay. The baptisms went off well, although how cold was that water? As usual, comments of “How do you tie a tie?” and “Where’s my shoes?” were accompanied by “Will you HURRY UP, everyone’s waiting.”

Terry Dunleavy receiving an award on extensive contribution to education by the Bishop Patrick Dunn.

After the mass, Mr Matthews acknowledged the long service of Terry Dunleavy (30 years on the BOT, beat that new board members). Terry presented the kura with two books about the late artist Ralph Hotere, and expressed the hope that they would be part of a small display in the library.

After a lunch organised by Aunty Rangi and helpers (which was delicious, but the seniors got there ahead of me so there wasn’t much left) it was time for the Parent-Teachers conference in the library. Many whanau were there, at one point there were people apparently waiting outside. It was quite warm with that many people in there.  Students were mostly praised, with some gentle reminders about behaviour and/or effort. Good to see everyone and we wrapped up about 3.30.

Na Patrick Gribble

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

5th Grade Rugby Championship

At the beginning of the Rugby Season our team had many egos and opinions at the start, but as the season progressed we had become more stronger as a team, and as individuals. During the season our team went through a lot of ups and downs, from individuals making bad choices on and off the rugby field and formal complaints! But with our team growing and succeeding, at the end of the season we had cracked it.. We had made it to the Finals.

In Term 3 of the school year 2012 we had reached the Finals for 5th Grade Rugby, our opponents was Albany Junior High, it was an intense game with a lot of physicality involved in it.

Albanys Junior 5th Grade Rugby Team were our on the pitch rivals this year, because it would have been our third encounter with them and each encounter becoming more and more intense, physical and competitive.

Leading right up to the finals the stakes were high, we knew what to expect and we knew it was going to be a good game. 


As we are 3 weeks into term 4 we have some awesome sport events coming up . Hard blazing summer sports are coming up  for our girls and boys of Hato Petera College, like our junior boys and girls are into their touch games and our boys are still undefeated.

Just as nerve racking as that we have a few of our boys  entering an up coming event for full muay thai ring fighting on the 1st of  December . We will have blooding pumping fist bumping and straight full kicks knees and punching.  We will be having three or four boys from our kura jumping into the ring and it's a day you wont want to miss.

With the our motto NEVER BACK DOWN our boys surely should do well and put on a show. Also we have Junior volley ball coming up and it should be great.


Hatoween at Hato Petera College was one magnificent evening. 

The bell rang at 3:10 to end a whole 7 hours of learing an all Tauira return to there beloved kainga (dormitory) an the festival of Hatoween begins. Both girls' kainga started searching and preparing for this evening. Te Kainga O Hata Maria went all out, with this particular event, with many toilet rolls scattered in front of their kainga, scary props to give people a little bit of a fright, and a sign on the door reading "TRICK OR TREAT".

Inside this Kainga were many girls getting ready to scare everyone with their costumes. Some girls were Zombie Nurses, Scary Asians, The remake of Chef Ramsay and Gordan, and of course the little innocent pretty school girls.

Aunty Rangi was even getting involved with dressing up and looking scary as a VAMPIRE!  As for Uncle Kingi he was the photographer for his Kainga. Then we creep up the drive way to Te Kainga O Hine Ngakau.

My Kainga wasn't as flash and amusing as Kainga O Hata Maria but inside was plenty of girls excited and wanted to get out of the kainga and show the WORLD what they were wearing for Hatoween.

I roto i te Kainga (in the dormitory)  we had girls dressed as horrific asian gang bank robbers, Bridezilla, and of course the old fashioned face painting.

All the Kainga start to head up to Te Kamaka for evening karakia, and all the boys just watch and stare at us like " Is it me or is it Zombie looking girls". Many eyes watch us walking towards the Whare,and cars slow down just to have a quick peep at us Hato Petera girls.

We get outside the Whare to line up and be called into the Whare, with eyes just looking at us and our Matua Atawhai just laughing at us.This Hatoween was one of the best and remarkable moments I think Hato Petera has every had with this particular event. We have to do this again!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Life at Hato Petera

Kia ora!
We're pleased to announce this new blog -- stories of life at Hato Petera College, written by the students themselves.
Check back soon to read what they have to say