Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hatoween at Hato Petera College was one magnificent evening. 

The bell rang at 3:10 to end a whole 7 hours of learing an all Tauira return to there beloved kainga (dormitory) an the festival of Hatoween begins. Both girls' kainga started searching and preparing for this evening. Te Kainga O Hata Maria went all out, with this particular event, with many toilet rolls scattered in front of their kainga, scary props to give people a little bit of a fright, and a sign on the door reading "TRICK OR TREAT".

Inside this Kainga were many girls getting ready to scare everyone with their costumes. Some girls were Zombie Nurses, Scary Asians, The remake of Chef Ramsay and Gordan, and of course the little innocent pretty school girls.

Aunty Rangi was even getting involved with dressing up and looking scary as a VAMPIRE!  As for Uncle Kingi he was the photographer for his Kainga. Then we creep up the drive way to Te Kainga O Hine Ngakau.

My Kainga wasn't as flash and amusing as Kainga O Hata Maria but inside was plenty of girls excited and wanted to get out of the kainga and show the WORLD what they were wearing for Hatoween.

I roto i te Kainga (in the dormitory)  we had girls dressed as horrific asian gang bank robbers, Bridezilla, and of course the old fashioned face painting.

All the Kainga start to head up to Te Kamaka for evening karakia, and all the boys just watch and stare at us like " Is it me or is it Zombie looking girls". Many eyes watch us walking towards the Whare,and cars slow down just to have a quick peep at us Hato Petera girls.

We get outside the Whare to line up and be called into the Whare, with eyes just looking at us and our Matua Atawhai just laughing at us.This Hatoween was one of the best and remarkable moments I think Hato Petera has every had with this particular event. We have to do this again!

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  1. :-) Hatoween instead of Halloween. Nice.
    Sounds like you all had a great time.