Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 Sacramental Programme

The students who recieved sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation at chapel.

It was an awesome day to be at HPC and I hassled Mr Gribble to blog about it, so here goes...

Friday the school had a double-header activity at school, Sacramental mass in the morning and the Parent-Teacher conference in the afternoon. The morning mass was attended by the bishop, Pat Dunn, and by the whanau of the more than 20 students receiving the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Despite careful planning and repeated rehearsals, there were the last-minute crises, ably dealt with by Mrs Silay. The baptisms went off well, although how cold was that water? As usual, comments of “How do you tie a tie?” and “Where’s my shoes?” were accompanied by “Will you HURRY UP, everyone’s waiting.”

Terry Dunleavy receiving an award on extensive contribution to education by the Bishop Patrick Dunn.

After the mass, Mr Matthews acknowledged the long service of Terry Dunleavy (30 years on the BOT, beat that new board members). Terry presented the kura with two books about the late artist Ralph Hotere, and expressed the hope that they would be part of a small display in the library.

After a lunch organised by Aunty Rangi and helpers (which was delicious, but the seniors got there ahead of me so there wasn’t much left) it was time for the Parent-Teachers conference in the library. Many whanau were there, at one point there were people apparently waiting outside. It was quite warm with that many people in there.  Students were mostly praised, with some gentle reminders about behaviour and/or effort. Good to see everyone and we wrapped up about 3.30.

Na Patrick Gribble

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  1. Ka mau te wehi e hoa ma. Terry well done and t your wife also for her tautoko. Kia kaha ra Hato